Localwise: local people, local shops!

So what is Localwise?

At Localwise, we love community. Relationships are a part of what make local communities healthy. They help strengthen and build our sense of not only where we are - but also who we are.

Increasingly, people and businesses are becoming more socially-aware and more community-minded. Shoppers want to connect with businesses that hold similar values to them.

How are we helping?

Localwise brings you    - a simple app to connect local shoppers with local shops.
Search for shops by name or type, and get to know who is in your neighbourhood. We are currently piloting Shopwisely in the Gosport/Fareham/Lee-on-Solent area
Click here to take a tour of the app and find out how to get it!

What is our local impact?

Local Economy A healthy local economy plays an important role in the social well-being of a community. In supporting local businesses, we support local commerce and jobs. These, in turn, impact our society as a whole.
Local Community We want to support and encourage a culture that values people and relationships. Something that helps bring about greater community integration and relationship. Something that increases connection and decreases isolation.
Local Environment We want to encourage everyone to have a positive local impact on the environment - particularly in terms of waste reduction and travel impact.